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Why Choose Us

Dicore now is supplying our high-quality and competitive-price heat shrink tubing in bulk to NZ industrial customers directly from our New Zealand warehouse by fastest delivery.  Our advantages are as below:


Our professional engineers are ready to provide best solutions for your ideas and projects

Professional Team

Our professional engineers are experienced for many years in heat shrink industry, they will find the best products suitable for you.


Our factory could produce specific products according to your customized orders

Customized order

Dicore could supply customized heat shrink products to satisfy specifical requirements from our customers in our factory.


We delivery most of our popular products directly from our New Zealand warehouse

Fast Delivery

Our warehouse in New Zealand could supply popular heat shrink products directly in New Zealand and reach you in days.


Our prices are very competitive because you are sourcing directly from factory in China

Competitive Price

Sourcing Heat shrink products from Dicore would reduce your costs dramatically since you are buying from a local warehouse of Dicore factory.

Featured Products

Dicore Tubing NZ is a one-stop supplier of various heat shrink tubing for wholesale, including clear heat shrink tubing, large heat shrink tube, waterproof heat shrink tubing, grip heat shrink tube, heat shrink tape, heat shrink end cap, fusion splice sleeve, expandable braided sleeving, heat shrink repair sleeve, heat shrink connectors, cold shrink tubing, etc.

Recent Showcases

Heat Shrink Tubings provides long-term protection against moisture ingress, corrosion, mechanical damage and extreme temperature. Explore our recent showcases to find more ideas about your projects in the application of heat shrink tubings.

Product Applications

Heat Shrink Tubings are widely used in the fields of Energy, Electronic, Automobile, Telecom, Military, and Building & shipbuilding to provide effective insulation and protection the functional parts, components and systems.

What Our Customers Say

“The heat shrink tubing from Dicore is same as the tubing I used professionally before. It shrinks tight and seals with the hot glue inside of the tube. It also remains somewhat flexible after shrinking – a quality I look for because cheap tubing will cool hard and brittle, and will crack open if any sideways force is applied to it.”

David T • Electrician

“I have been sourcing Dicore’s heat shrink tubings for more than 4 years, they are always stable and reliable with very competitive prices, strongly recommended”

Winston S • Telecom engineer

Trusted Partners

Dicore cooperates with our customers and partners from various industries for many years, and we value them as our most important treasure.